Primary 6   








Primary 6 have been taking part in the FUN, FIT, TAYSIDE health program. We have identified what foods belong in the 5 different food groups and have learned about the key 1,2,3 health message.


1.                Take 1 hour or more of physical activity a day.

2.              Have no more than 2 hours screen time a day.

3.              Eat 3 meals a day.


 In ICT we are currently creating adverts using Monkey Jam to help teach our peers about this important health message.


We also learned that the recommended daily amount of sugar (RDA) in an average 10 year olds diet is 10 teaspoons. We estimated how many teaspoons of sugar we thought were in different food products and compared them to the actual amounts. Did you know a big bags of Haribo has 32 teaspoons of sugar in them?

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